2024 GrowthFronts Event

February 28-29, 2024

365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016

With an exhaustive focus on intentionality, we have designed a two-day event to provide a fully immersive experience for all stakeholders to set the stage for rich conversation, education and transaction in 2024.


  • Enlighten marketplace about the diverse media space in order to understand who the players are, what the challenges and opportunities are and how to best engage in space.
  • Provide media entities invited access to key media buying stakeholders to faster relationships in the media space so that media entities can share their capabilities.
  • Provide mentorship and support to smaller, less experienced media entities in order to get them to a place where they’re better able to compete and gain access to investment.
  • Grow relationships, increase metrics and capabilities so that media entities will be able to show results/KPIs on investments
  • Increase capabilities to provide programming to investors, learn programmatic and analytics in order to increase revenue/scale in the diverse media space.

On-Stage Sessions with Industry Leaders

Rich educational and information sessions by senior leaders designed to illuminate barriers and opportunities in media landscape for each of the segments highlighted.

2024 Agenda

1000+ focused meetings over 2 days

Separate and dedicate meetings brokered between client-side marketers and agency decision makers to allow Diverse-Owned Media invaluable access, exposure and engagement platforms for driving new business.

AIMMs 2024 GrowthFronts will bring together a wide range of diverse media companies representing Asian, Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, and Native America/Indigenous segments.
Event provides platform for 1:1 connections with these media companies, as well as enlightening sessions, panel discussions, new research, and industry progress updates.
AIMMs GrowthFronts online Marketplace offers the most comprehensive and extensive diverse media database, which includes customized profiles and media kits for Diverse Owned and Targeted companies.
If you are an approved GrowthFronts participant/attendee, you may download the APP to view agenda, meeting schedules, and event related information.

Selection of Media To be Represented

  • 70-80% Diverse Owned and Targeted Media (DOTM)
  • 15-20% Diverse Targeted, not owned
  • 5-10% Foreign Owned Targeted (payment in U.S dollars, target is diverse-Canada can be prioritized)
  • Up to 5% Diverse Owned but not targeted

*Consideration given to targeted media based on opportunity to develop and scale

Media Represented










Content Integration

Segments Represented




Black/African American





Terms and Conditions to Participate

Media Companies

Media Buyers/Agencies