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Vanessa Confessore


Mission Statement:

Nativo’s mission is to solve the mid-funnel and drive consideration by making content as easy to execute, scale, and measure as advertising.

Unique Point of Difference:

We help brands connect their content to outcomes. Your audiences engage with content, not ads. Nativo makes it easy to use content—stories, videos, articles & more—at scale

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Programatic Ready: DSP, SSP

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NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council

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Nativo has access to more than 7,000 publisher websites across our network – news, sports, health, arts and entertainment, travel, finance, business, etc. We have massive scale (more than 227mm unique monthly users) nationally and internationally that allow us to target diverse and inclusive segments both via data segments, contextually, and through our emerging predictive segments. We



Most of our core measurement, viewability guarantees and insights stems from our Nativo platform – see slides 22 and 23 in the linked Nativo overview above. That said, we also have a full insights team that enables us to connect to just about any 3p measurement offering from Dynata to Millward Brown to NPS to Attain (to track spend for retail campaigns).

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