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Streamlyn Media

Main Contact:

Vikas Narula


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the trusted partner for brands and agencies seeking to connect with diverse Asian audiences in the United States by executing culturally informed marketing campaigns that respect the nuances of Asian ethnicities, traditions, and consumer behaviours and fostering inclusive communication that celebrates diversity and promotes positive engagement.

Unique Point of Difference:

• Comprehensive Ethnic Targeting: We are one of the few media providers providing the opportunity to target diverse Asian American ethnicities, including South Asian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino. We distinguish ourselves as one of these providers, with the capability to target each of these audiences with a deep understanding of the diverse Asian languages, cultural nuances, and the media landscape.
• Versatile Advertising Channels: We offer various channels and inventory types, seamlessly integrating high-impact and interstitial units with standard display and video campaigns. Our reach spans across all devices, including Connected TV and DOOH.
• Strategic Targeting Across Devices: Streamlyn excels in tailoring and crafting targeting strategies that align with campaign objectives, ensuring scalability for effective outreach to the mentioned ethnicities.
• Programmatic deals: As a prominent Asian American media provider, we possess the unique expertise to establish programmatic deals that extend to a broader audience encompassing various Asian ethnicities and multiple media channels.

Type of media company:

Video, Digital

Programatic Ready: DSP, SSP

Focused segment:





Media Kit (download):

Within the enclosed Media Kit, we've outlined our capabilities and additional details. If you furnish specific requirements, we can craft an in-depth and detailed data media kit tailored to your needs.


Total Monthly Unique Reach in Asian population in the US: 8 million (51.3% Reach among all A18+ Asians) Ethnicity wise reach: • South Asian- 2.64 million (33.13%) • Chinese - 2.34 million (29.37%) • Filipinos - 1.18 million (14.87%) • Vietnamese - 1.06 million (13.25%) • Koreans - 0.75 million (9.38%)



We have worked with IAS and DoubleVerify for a lot of clients’ campaigns.
We guarantee inventory as per below benchmarks: • Viewability >70% • Brand Safety > 90% • Invalid Traffic < 2%

Usually, the Agency/brand does the Brand Lift studies on their side. We will be able to support any 3rd party vendor regarding the same.

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available: